3 things you must not overlook on your baby’s Christening day

March 3, 2020
sydney christening photographer

After more than 5 years of experience and 100+ christenings in Sydney area and beyond, I’d like to share with those parents who are planning their baby’s christening day my three top tips on what not to overlook when planning your baby’s baptism!

sydney christening photographer

1. Treat your child’s christening as a small wedding and invest in good photography.

It’s a once in a lifetime event for your baby – make sure your photographer takes beautiful photos of not just your baby, but also godparents, gown details, beautiful documentary shots at the church, venue details and candid shots of your guests.

I’ve seen many christening photographers, who don’t take candid shots of the guests before, during or after the ceremony. It’s not enough to only make a few posed groups shots and capture photos of the actual baptism ceremony. Your baby’s christening day is more than that – it’s one of  the biggest family gatherings you’ll have after your wedding day and having a great photographer is crucial to capturing the most precious memories of your nearest and dearest.

sydney christening photographer

sydney christening photographer

2. An opportunity to take family photos.

Just like bridal preparation photos before walking down the aisle, the most magical and relaxed portraits of your baby and you happen before the ceremony.

Whether it’s at home or at a park near the church do it before the ceremony, you won’t regret it afterwards. One of the most common mistakes people make is leaving family shots for after the ceremony or at the venue; however the chance of your child getting tired, overwhelmed and wet/oily during the ceremony and therefore cranky is way too high.

Don’t postpone it for the reception either – by the time you get to the restaurant you will be hungry and will not want to leave your dear guests, which will make it hard to find a minute to take relaxed family photos.

sydney christening photographer

sydney baptism photographer

3. Share your personal story with the photographer.

If you were pretty much raised by your grandparents; if you went through many rounds of IVF to have your baby; if your baby’s christening towel is actually the one you had for your christening; if this is the only time when all the grandchildren are in one room, please don’t hold back and share what’s important to you with your photographer.

Having emotional connection is crucial for creating meaningful, powerful photographs. I personally fall in love with every family that I shoot and if I know your story, I will look out for those special moments and connections. I will be paying extra attention to people and details that speak to you the most. Photos will have an extra layer and meaning to you and just like good wine they will be more and more precious with time.

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sydney christening photographer