A unique Wedding at Wylie’s Baths in Coogee

February 7, 2024
wylies elopement

Every photographer knows there’re weddings you anticipate and look forward to more than the others. You check you work calendar to see how far away it is and then how fast it is approaching and you get more and more nervous and excited about it each day.


Ciara and Christophe’s wedding day was certainly one of those weddings. Not only the way I got this booking (my best friends recommended me to a total stranger) but the way the couple planned the day; the way their personalities shined through their choices of venue, outfits and styling. Both architects Ciara and Christophe’s artistic , fun and friendly personas captivated me the minute we met.


There’re several things I adored about this wedding:

  • The way the day started at one of the most unusual houses I’ve been to.
  • The reception was at the historical Wylie’s baths. ‘The Baths were one of the first mixed gender bathing pools in Australia and one of the last surviving examples of a venue which was common throughout Sydney. It has been classified by the National Trust of Australia.’
  • Ciara was wearing an exquisite beaded dress and Christophe was wearing a mint linen suit while their asked their guests to wear all white.
  • It was sunlit short ceremony run by a close friend and the rest of the night was all about family, friends, ocean views, food, cocktails, music and dancing to a DJ Lauren Neko



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