About Anna

I was born in the Crimean peninsula. While spending time on campus at the university of Cincinnati, I was introduced to the world of photography. It was during this time that I became carried away by visual arts.

Kiev is the city where my photography developed enormously and this is where some of the dearest people in my life live. Needless to say, I love Kiev!
I have been to the north and South Americas, Australia and Europe, but I always anticipate coming back to my homeland. As it is both my home and because it is truly beautiful.

At the moment I reside in Sydney, Australia with my most loved husband and son.

I want to thank my whole family who have always supported what I do. They are my inspiration and my strength; they are my most valuable critics and beloved admirers of my photography.

I want to thank all my models for being patient with me, and all my clients for choosing me. This gives me a reason to go on!

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