Hi, I'm Anna

I was born in the Crimean peninsula and spent my childhood following my reporter mum around the country. This is where I first started to watch and learn about the work behind the camera.
Later on, I went to study in US at the university of Cincinnati. I was introduced to the world of photography and became carried away by visual arts.

I then returned to Ukraine and settled in Kiev. Kiev is the city where my photography developed enormously, and this is where some of the dearest people in my life live.

I now live in Sydney, Australia. Over the last seven years I captured the most important life events: proposals, weddings, pregnancy, birthdays, and other celebrations in all parts of Sydney. It’s been an amazing journey meeting all the wonderful families and become friends with many of them.

I want to thank my whole family who have always supported what I do. They are my inspiration and my strength; they are my most valuable critics and beloved admirers of my photography.

I also want to thank all my models for being patient with me, and all my clients for choosing me. This gives me a reason to go on!