Farewell to Summer

May 5, 2014

Volkswagen Kombi is an international icon known as the “hippie van”. However it is not just a car; its unique look has thousands of fans around the world and has its own spirit, culture and aesthetics. It suits Australian lifestyle perfectly: sandy beaches, surf, ocean, road trips and plenty of sun.

I want to thank Dan, who provided this gorgeous van for the shoot. He took an old rusty Volkswagen Kombi and turned it into this beauty!

Moana and Alex were probably one of the cutest and hottest couples I’ve ever shot and you could see why: both originally from Latin America they definitely have got fiery passionate love for each other! After Moana said that she was always a little bit hippy inside,  I knew I picked the right concept for the shoot.

We shot these pictures in the last days of summer in Australia and the evening couldn’t be more perfect!



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