For outfits wear light warm, neutral or earthy colours. Avoid fluorescent colours and very thin stripes – sometimes they cast unwanted colourful shadows and produce moire pattern in photos.

The main idea is to choose three or two colours that complement and incorporate them in everyone’s outfits e.g ivory+tan+chocolate or tan+light blue+black. Coordinating your outfits shows that you’re a group and belong together. Dress in one style. It’s very important is to dress comfortably, so you can move around easily.

If you decide to buy a new piece of clothing for a photoshoot make sure you feel comfortable wearing it. You should be able to move freely in your clothes without worrying about it slipping down your shoulder, creasing around your waist, being too tight or restricting you from moving and sitting in any direction. It should be something you would be comfortable wearing outside of the shoot as well. Uncomfortable and non-fitting clothes can make you very self-conscious and ruin the best shots. Dress for the weather. It’s no fun to be freezing in front of the camera. The cold and discomfort can affect the quality and quantity of the pictures. All you could think about is wrapping up the session as quickly as possible. Being hot can be even worse. So please choose the clothes according to the forecast.

Don’t forget about accessories like a hat, necklace, shoes, scarf etc – they add personality and aesthetics to the photos. If it’s a chilly day think layers, knits and beanies – they look wonderful in photos. Pick the outfit, in which you feel most comfortable and stylish. Flat lay all your outfits to see if they look nice together. Make a photo and send it to me!


Location of the shoot is a vital element of any shoot because it adds beauty and meaning to the pictures. It might be your favourite park, coffee shop, family farm or beach anything that is close to your heart and has meaning to you would be great. Sometimes it’s is not as much the beauty of location but the quality of light. The best time to shoot outdoors is sunrise and sunset. Pretty much any time is suitable for shooting indoors. If you’re unsure about the location I can recommend some of my favourite spots around Sydney. Keep in mind that certain locations need special permits in order to do your photo shoot.

The process

My approach to family photography is relaxed and natural. It’s a synergy of documentary and art photography, which encapsulates lifetime moments and brings to life emotions, the environment and the memories. I encourage lots of cuddles, connection, conversation and games to capture emotions. During the shoot just relax and be yourself. Talk, laugh and be silly. I encourage you to move, dance and sing – whatever makes you happy ? I will be asking you some questions, sharing ideas, which will help you relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. I can suggest where to go, sit or stand, but it is up to you develop YOUR story.

The way you lean on your partner, kneel to fix your child’s shoe, little wrinkles around the eyes when you laugh – I want these moments to stay with you forever.

What happens after the session

A sneak peek from your session will be ready in the first week after your shoot. All edited images will be ready in a month after the session. I will notify you via email by sending you the link with your private online gallery. You’re welcome to share it with your friends and family. While you’re waiting on your images I’ll be working on selecting the best images from your session and professionally enhancing them in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I leave the images as natural as possible. My editing is honest and natural.


Every few years we upgrade phones, computers and data storage devices. Books and prints stay on the shelves for generations. Please don’t lose your memories, print them. I offer museum quality photo albums, canvases and gorgeous framed print.

Make your master bed with plain sheets ideally white or neutral colours e.g ivory, olive, peach, grey, light blue eg. Avoid bold patterns, stripes and big bright colours. Open blinds and curtains throughout the house and turn off all unnatural light sources.

For outfits wear natural earthy tones. Pick two or three colours that complement each other and incorporate them in everyone’s outfits. For example white, light blue and tan. Wear cosy and comfortable clothes you can move around easily – sit on the bed or floor. Make sure to dress your bub in a cute outfit BEFORE I arrive. Don’t worry about burp stain if one happens. Most of the time it can be easily wiped and I don’t want to disturb a sleeping baby just for a change of outfit.

The baby doesn’t have to sleep on my arrival either.

Prepare two or three cute outfits and a stack of knitted blankets and muslin wraps.

If you have a toy or sentimental meaningful gift please prepare it as well.

Embrace the chaos!



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