Photography and Videography Wedding Packages

June 20, 2023
sydney wedding photographer and videographer

The news is out!

While being a “still picture” first service I partnered with an excellent videographer Ivan Smotrov from Long Story Shot to offer a complete wedding day coverage, combining my photography expertise with his talent in filmmaking. We’ve worked on many weddings together and made a great team focusing on capturing aesthetically a feeling and emotion in their intensity and detail. We’ve put together an exciting offer of photo & film packages for all couples who look for a passionate, easy going and committed team to capture their wedding day.

Ivan the videographer

Ivan was born in the middle of Siberia surrounded by a pack of Huskies (Siberian version of Lion King). With many years now as both a wedding filmmaker and a commercial content creator — getting to understand you and being able to transfer that into film is an important component of his work — simply put, I want your wedding love story to sing. Check out last year weddings recap!

Anna the photographer

Anna spent her childhood following her reporter mum around Europe. This is where she first started to watch and learn about the work behind the camera. Later on, she went to study in the US at the University of Cincinnati. She was introduced to the world of photography and became carried away by visual arts. She now lives in Sydney, Australia. Over the last years, she captured the most important life events: proposals, weddings, pregnancy, birthdays, and other celebrations all over Sydney and Australia. 

sydney elopement photographer

Why choose us?

With AI technology rapidly evolving it becomes ever so easy to create visually attractive images and videos. What AI cannon imitate is true human emotions. Your emotions. What stands us apart is our understanding of the nuances and subtleties of human personalities. We have the experience to anticipate the moments of joy, love, excitement, wholeness and connection; and once we notice and feel them we make a decision to press the button to preserve the feeling. We constantly observe and experience these moments with you being in a state of flow as your big day is unfolding through you captured by us.

When needed, together, we provide a seamless and comprehensive experience, capturing every moment and emotion from both cinematic and timeless perspectives. It’s a collaboration that delivers a complete package of visual storytelling, ensuring lasting memories for couples to cherish… yes, we will break into your Photo Booth at some point.

Check out our offer down below. Flick us a message for more details and customise your ultimate wedding day experience!