What lifestyle newborn photos are all about!

July 17, 2023
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Are you looking for a newborn photographer? Sit comfortably and let’s chat about what lifestyle newborn sessions are all about and why do my clients choose to have a lifestyle newborn photoshoot with me.

Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on the natural and candid way to capture a newborn baby in their home in the loving embrace of their parents, siblings and even pets. When possible I encourage you to invite grandparents for a visit to have several professional photos taken with their tiny grandchild.

Comfort and Authenticity.

My newborn sessions are relaxed and slow-paced. The session takes place in a family home which is a more relaxing environment for the parents and newborn. The baby and parents are typically more comfortable and at ease leading to more natural photos. I focus on your connection and the beauty of the moment to capture real-life situations and emotions providing an authentic snapshot of this special time. The session doesn’t just portray a newborn, but also the circumstances into which the baby is born. The photos depict life as it truly is complete with all the love, joy and even challenges that come with a new addition to the family.

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My sessions document the baby’s environment and the family’s interaction with the newborn. This can include cuddling, feeding, changing and other everyday activities. This adds a unique and personal touch to each photo. They’re less about getting that perfect posed shot and more about capturing the real moments as they happen.

Lifestyle newborn shoots often tell a story. All family members are welcome to take part in the shoot. Since these shoots take place in the family’s home they naturally include elements that are personal and significant to the family. These family heirlooms make photos uniquely meaningful. The lifestyle newborn session also captures growth. Photographs capture not just what the baby looked like but also the size of the baby in relation to the surroundings which adds a different perspective to the growth and development over time.

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Unlike studio shoots the timing for lifestyle shoots is more flexible. They are less stressful than going on a trip a studio. I don’t require the newborn to be asleep or in a particular pose and can accommodate the unpredictable nature of a newborn’s schedule.

The newborn shoot is normally scheduled in the first four weeks after the baby is born.

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Read below what my clients got to say about their experience with me.


Anna is a fantastic photographer and very warm person. She made us feel very comfortable taking photos with her, giving great advice on how to prepare and suggesting lovely ways to take the photos in beautiful locations. I immediately recommended Anna to all my friends after our experience. We will certainly treasure the generous amount of photos she took of my husband and I with our baby.

To book your session simply click the button below to get in touch. I can’t wait to capture your special moments!